Philip C Plumlee


Carlsbad, CA 92009
760 814 5658
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A Senior Software Engineer position responsible for...

  • clean designs that resist bugs and upgrade easily
  • the best software practices and techniques, using any platform
  • solving each problem the leanest and most sustainable way.


Django Software Engineer Cuker Interactive e-commerce 2009-now

Introduce pure TDD, to write e-commerce connections to multiple payment gateways, shipping services, and QuickBooks. Maintain a CruiseControl.rb server to test all projects.

Rails Software Engineer Integralnet e-commerce 2007-2009

Trained a crew of 6 junior engineers to use Ruby on Rails, Ajax, & MySQL for e-commerce & in-house business views, using MacOSX. My innovative contributions to the TDD environment, assert{ 2.0 }, assert_xhtml, & assert_rjs_, are now released & used as Free Software.

C++ Software Engineer Akonix IM 2005-2006

Retrofit cross-platform unit tests for C++ servers that parse and filter various instant messaging protocols over TCP/IP.

C++ Test Engineer High Moon Studios video games 2004-2005

Integration test server for DarkWatch, using Ruby, Lua, Perl, & C++ to soak test Maya, Renderware, Havok, Xbox, & PS2.

C++ Software Engineer SYSTRAN Software translation 2002-2004

TDD & build scripts for advanced localization for desktop and online machine translation tools, using C++, Perl, VBA, & WTL. Invented the Logitech Internet Explorer translation toolbar.

Computer Scientist Omnigon AI 2000-2002

Pattern recognition, data mining, graph theory, bioinformatics, & complexity theory, using Linux & Python.

Software Consultant Spherion C++ contracting 1999-2000

ActiveX, VC++, ASP, MFC, SQL, & TDD for various clients. I reputedly scored the highest ever on Spherion's test for C++.

VB Software Engineer EnvSoft GIS 1998-1999

Data visualization, maps, and contour plots for a database of environmental quality samples taken at a customer's site. OO designs in Visual Basic, custom ActiveX controls with MFC & OLE, and SQL Server.

C++ Software Engineer Jon Goldman Assoc. semiconductor 1998-1999

Process management systems for the semiconductor industry, to provide Statistical Process Control. Complete project lifecycles with OO designs in C and VC++ with STL, ActiveX, ATL, ADO, & SQL Server on MS Windows.


Merb Mind Maps Uses TDD & GraphViz to draw a graph linking the most relevant posts in a blog.
Demonstrates Prim's Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Tree
assert{ 2.0 } An assertion that reflects everything when it fails, using Ruby's Ripper
CCrb Progress Charts Augments CruiseControl.rb with charts of your metrics over time
assert_latest Detects all sets of new records created by ActiveRecord
Beast acts_as_sphinx Demonstrates advanced Rails TDD to add the Sphinx search engine to a blog


Temple University Performance art, painting, design, & computer graphics.